Charlotte’s Angel is one of Dutch Passion’s CBD strains. This strain is high in CBD and lower in THC. It won’t cause anxiousness and will help you relax.

These three vigorous clones are loving their outdoor plot! The two large plants are HSO’s Bubba kush and Chemdawg.  The small plant is a much younger Romulan.

TH Seed packs. Masters of the Bubblegum and Dark Star strains!
Check out RQS line of CBD dominant cannabis. They boast higher than normal CBD levels and lower THC levels.


Various strains flowering in a Vivosun 2″ x 4″ tent under two 1200W LED lights. Grown in promix with mycorrhizae, worm castings, and organic nutes available in the store. Roughly two weeks in.


Classic strains from a VERY reputable breeder–Humboldt Seed Organization.


New drops! Sugar breath, three blue kings, blue fire, OKGZ, and gorilla breath! New 2019!


CBD Charlotte’s Angel seeds. Another high CBD, lower THC strain. See what CBD is on our info page!


Purple punch seeds are a combination of Larry OG and Granddaddy purple. A big dispensary strain highly prized.