Free! Free! Free!

There are four ways you can score some top notch genetics absolutely free!

  1. The first way is simply by spending a minimum amount before tax:

Spend                                                                  ..and get

$60 – $100                                                        3 free

$109-$150                                                         4 free

$151-$250                                                         5 free

$251-                                                                     8 free

Amounts above $300 will be compensated at our discretion.

2.  The second way is through buying the special breeder promos. Breeder promos come with an extra bean per pack.

3. The third way is by checking in often to see if we’re running extra special mixed breeder package deals.

4. The fourth way is by using bitcoin to pay for your order over $200. Bitcoin payments receive 10 extra beans free.

Please note: 

a. Free beans may come in an up-sized pack: if you ordered a three pack, it may become a five pack!

b. The above offers may be combined.

c. We reserve the right to pick and choose which freebies are sent with your order.