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Rhizo Force brings 70 years of experience and knowledge into one simple product, adding key nutrients into the medium while stimulating beneficial bacteria and fungi. The active ingredients enable the root system to form a symbiotic relationship with the medium, helping to create super highways of available minerals while assisting in the breakdown of stored nutrients.

By building concentrations of enzymes, bacteria and mycorrhizae in soil and coco, vital compounds are produced and broken down to produce maximum plant growth. The addition of beneficial compounds also creates a more hardy plant.

House and Garden Rhizo Force Features:

• A blend of 100% natural ingredients.

• Speeds up growth and reduces growing times.

• Delivers enzymes, beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizae – all in one product.

• Creates a microbial defense system in the root-zone.

• Protects plants against pathogenic diseases.

• Increases the surface area of roots for improved nutrient uptake.

• Works great with other House & Garden products.

Compost bacteria, actinomycetes, co-enzymes, proteins, azo bacteria, lime, bone powder, blood powder, bentonite.

Use roughly 25g per 10 litres of potting compost or 1kg for every to 10 square metres of soil. Ideally mixed through your compost or soil but can also be top dressed.

Available in 2.2 kg and 4.54 kg sizes.

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250 g, 500 g, 1 kg, 2.2 kg, 4.54 kg