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House & Garden Coco base nutrient “B”  is composed of liquid nutrients and trace elements and contains no bulking agent. This makes the transfer from the root zone to the plant easier.

Coco base nutrient is composed of the purest high-quality nutrients that are available on the market to date, including Eddha-Fe (iron). This enables the plant to absorb the nutrient quickly and effectively. In short if you want an excellent start for your plants use House & Garden A&B Coco.

House & Garden base nutrients contain a full range of beneficial elements. Humic and Fulvic acids improve the uptake and transportation of nutrients which in turn will promote healthy plant growth and the absorption capacity of the root zone.

Cocos A & B contains no indigestible substance as is the case of solid fertilizers.

It is composed of the purest higher nutrients including iron EDDHA. The plant is able to feed quickly and efficiently.

Fill the water tank up to two thirds. First add A. Mix well. Add B and mix again. Adjust the value EC : the start of culturing 1.2 and gradually to 2.0 (end of culture).
Adjust the acidity with pH- or pH +. completely fill the water tank. Add any root or flowering stimulators. Your fertilizer is ready for a first watering.
EC + Value Value running water EC Fertilizers Cocos A & B = Fertilizer ready to use.

Coconut fibers are known for their capillary effect.
It is a culture medium that retains long water and nutrients.
The cultivation of coconut, however, requires an extremely precise composition of nutrients.
Cocos A & B of House & Garden is a balanced fertilizer that has a short time to conquer a significant market position.

Never add Hydro Hydro A and B simultaneously. You would get an incomplete fertilizer, deposition and fillings. Use pH and EC meters properly calibrated meters.

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