GPH Uptake – Green Planet – 1 L – Humic Acid


Green Planet Nutrients – GPH Uptake (1 Liter)

Higher Humic levels mean better crops!


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GPH UPTAKE is derived from humified ancient bogs. It may increase the availability and uptake of micronutrients.

What is humic acid?

In the soil, humic and fulvic acids are important chelators, combining minerals into organic compounds that are more available to plants. They also tie up toxins, making them less available to plants. Humic acids increase the water infiltration and water-holding capacity of the soil.

Why will it help your plants?

Humic acid is a group of molecules that bind to, and help plant roots receive, water and nutrients. High humic acid levels can dramatically increase yields. Humic acid deficiency can prevent farmers and gardeners from growing crops with optimum nutrition.


Use 5ml/L in soil, soiless, or hydroponic systems.

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