Kelzyme’s “ELEMENT XX” – Organic – Mineral Supplement


A healthy soil is critical for a healthy plant. Element XX feeds the plant AND the soil. It flocculates clay and organic matter particles leading to proper soil porosity, soil aeration and soil drainage–each of which supports the beneficial biology of the soil complex, aerobic by nature. Element XX fosters vigorous and beautiful plants and buds, robust fruits and veggies, and lush turf. Treat your plants right. Treat them to Element XX!

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Kelzyme’s element XX, a calcium rich mineral composite, aids in root, shoot, and plant growth. It is micronized for hydroponic applications, and can be used with all media. Calcium is critical to the plants of our hydroponic customers, essential for plant cell wall structure and strong stems and leaves. Certain growing media such as coco coir suggest additional calcium, particularly in the first few weeks of a plant’s life, due to its cation exchange properties.

See Maximum Yield Article, November 2016

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1 Liter, 4 Liters, 1 lb.


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