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Green Planet Nutrients – Medi One – An all in one ORGANIC nutrient system!


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Medi One is an organic, complete one-part system used throughout the grow and bloom stages. Formulated for the organic medical grower, Medi One provides readily available macro and micro-elements that guarantee immediate results. When using this product, you can expect to see vigorous vegetative growth and resinous, aromatic floral production in the bloom stage.

Medi-One is an exciting product that is 100% natural, intended for fast growing annuals. Medi-One is a complete one part grow through bloom. We have made it so easy that all you have to do is adjust the PH and add it to your plants.•

Recommended by Dr. Horby, this product is an award winning formula!

Medi One is formulated from all natural ingredients for use in organic gardening. It contains hydrolyzed fish soluble extract from Atlantic Menhaden that are slowly steamed and hydrolyzed to preserve the amino acids. These are blened with North Atlantic kelp extract, blood meal and mined potassium sulphate to provide additional nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (N-P-K). Natural Humate complexes are also added to increase the overall balance in this high quality liquid organic fertilizer.

MEDI ONE contains the specific nutrients to produce abundant fragrant in plants naturally. This liquid formula can also be used on all vegetables, fuits, flowers, trees and houseplants.

MEDI ONE is specially formulated to medicinal cannabis and other plants with nutrients thay require for healthy growth. It provides essential nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in a 4-3-3 ratio along with amino acids, natural growth hormones and humates. Ingredients: Hydrolyzed fish, kelp extract, bloodmeal, mined potassium sulphate and humates.

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