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At Dinafem Seeds, one of their main goals is to ensure that all of their marijuana seeds are unique and fully meet the expectations of the most demanding cannabis growers. The amazing quality found in all their genetics hasn’t been achieved by accident, but through years of hard work and research carried out by a team with incredible experience in the field.

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Orange Juice is one of the most refreshing cannabis strains in Dinafem’s catalogue.

Sativa-leaning, with thick and spiky flowers giving off a ground-breaking aroma of tangerine never seen before in a cannabis plant. Her rich terpene profile is, without a doubt, her most distinctive feature. That’s why growing Orange Juice is like growing a seed whose terpenes have been taken to a whole new level in terms of quantity and of quality. Orange Juice is a Sativa-leaning hybrid with a strong vertical growth and numerous branches of remarkable density. The main central cola is definitely the fattest of all, yet the multiple sets of side branches are not far behind. Strong and vigorous, with a flowering that wraps up in about 9-10 weeks and a beautiful light-green colouring inherited from her Skunk lineage.

Orange Juice is a heavy yielder capable of delivering crops of 500 g almost effortlessly. Her buds have a rather Sativa-like appearance: they’re elongated and are covered with an awful lot of lovely orange hairs. However, what makes this strain so special is her amazing scent. An incredible terpene profile that extract lovers will simply adore. Whether it’s dry-sift hash, Rosin, bubble hash, BHO, RSO or any other, the huge amount of terpenes in her will make these concentrates real cannabis delicacies. Here’s the key for her resounding success. The flavour of Orange Juice is one of those that stay in your head forever. One of those delicious scents you can’t stop looking for in an effort to find the extraordinary aroma of Orange Juice that once caressed your nostrils. One of those hard-to-reproduce bouquets of nuances. She smells of sweet oranges, a bit like tangerine, and remains long in your mouth. Her taste is zesty and incredibly refreshing.

Sex Feminised Genotype: 30% Indica / 70% Sativa

Cross Tangie x Tangie

Grown Indoors and outdoors

Indoor flowering 63-70 days Indoor yield 450-500 g/m2

Outdoor harvest time Late September / Early October

Outdoor yield 400-800 g/plant Outdoor height 3 m

THC19% CBD 0.1%

5 feminized seeds

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Weight .00709 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 1 in


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