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Root builder: we’ll root for you!

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Root Builder is a broad spectrum of beneficial micro-organisms which promote plant nutrient uptake, and reduces disease for soil and hydroponic systems.


This product comprises a broad spectrum of beneficial micro-organisms that minimize diseases for hydroponic systems and soil. The formula also enhances the intake of nutrients by plants. It is the ultimate solution for plant root care.


  • Used as a microbial soil amendment
  • Aids in treating soil salinity problems
  • Makes any nutrients more bio-available
  • Stabilizes pH in re-circulating hydroponic systems
  • Neutralizes and breaks down amino acids
  • Strengthens the immune system of plants
  • Builds soil structure, aids in moisture retention and treats problems associated with soil salinity
  • Increases the root size and hence fruit size of your crops
  • Useful in the growth and bloom stage of plants

Direction of Use: Add 20ml per gallon to the reservoir at all applicable stages. It’s advisable to alter between watering and feeding for soil application and use during feeding for hydro application. You can apply the diluted product directly to the soil as post-plant or pre-plant application.

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